Yearly Archives: 2003

Indianapolis, IN

Dear Readers, Greetings from Indianapolis! I’m writing from the ground this time – I arrived extra early at the airport in order to confirm my seat assignments for my flight to Switzerland, which connects through Atlanta. Hurricane Isabel has forced thousands of flights to be cancelled in the past few days, so I wanted to (read more…)

Peoria, IL

Greetings, greetings, readers! Welcome back. This is a continuation of the journal I started on this same site back in ’99, but this time, is of my own creation and will remain entirely under my supervision. I’m very happy to be internet-independent. Hooray! The only downside for those computer enthusiasts among you is that (read more…)

Lisbon, Portugal

Complete entries resume again in late 2003 – use the drop-menu above to select a current journal entry. Meanwhile, enjoy these photos from my 2002-03 concert season.

Winterthur, Switzerland

Dear Readers, This has been an international week. I arrived from Indianapolis on Monday, rehearsed and performed twice with an orchestra in Winterthur (Switzerland), then gave a concert in Austria, in a small city named Dornbirn, close to the border. Now I’m back in Winterthur, packing my things to go to London tomorrow. Since distances (read more…)