Peoria, IL

Greetings, greetings, readers!

Welcome back. This is a continuation of the journal I started on this same site back in ’99, but this time, is of my own creation and will remain entirely under my supervision. I’m very happy to be internet-independent. Hooray! The only downside for those computer enthusiasts among you is that since I don’t have the same resources as a corporation would, this site isn’t extremely high-tech. Therefore, I’ve done – and will continue to do – my utmost to make it pleasing to the eye, easy to navigate, informative, and enjoyable. But enough introduction; let’s get on to the journal.

This past week officially began my 2003-04 season, my 11th as a traveling musician; the season will run through the end of May before transitioning into summer-festival time. This week got off to a flying start in New York City, where I spent a busy September 9 publicizing my new Bach album. It was the first time I’d had the chance to be in a major city on the day an album of mine was released, and it was fun to usher the disc into the world with as much hubbub as we could muster.

The rest of the week I spent in Peoria, IL, working with the Peoria Symphony Orchestra and conductor David Commanday. We had three rehearsals, leading up to the orchestra’s season-opening gala, which took place last night. The concert was well-received, and we all had a terrific time. But life goes on at a rapid pace: I’m writing this journal entry in an airplane, seated next to a window, with farmland in my peripheral vision as we descend into Indianapolis, the scene of my next musical engagement.

Two flight attendants are reminding me to turn off the computer, so I’ll wrap this up quickly.

Yours from soybean territory,