Games for the Road

I’ve written about passing the time in a hotel room and exercising without entering a gym. Here’s a combination of the two, but I think this merits its own category: Games for the Road. These aren’t all games in the traditional sense, but they do serve the purpose of keeping yourself entertained when you’re on your own. Just imagine what your friends and family will say when you return home with a new skill set! And remember, nothing is too ridiculous in the safety of your hotel room.

Teach yourself to juggle – with those super-bouncy rubber balls
This gets you moving, challenges your coordination, and is fun because – until you learn how to juggle – the balls go in all directions when you drop them.

Play battleship over the phone
Leave one half of the game with a friend; take the other on the road with you. When you feel bored or want to kick back, elementary-school style, call your friend and play a round.

Practice your hackey-sack technique
You know those brightly-colored beanbags that people kick around to each other while standing in a circle? There are some pretty virtuosic moves you can perfect, on your own, improving your flexibility and strength while you’re at it. It’s low-impact, too, and will look mighty impressive once you get good enough to show off.

Act out your own music video
Put on your headphones, start playing your favorite song, and lip-synch into the mirror. Dance if you like, or pose or act – whatever silly or dramatic thing gets you to let your hair down. The lip-synching part is important: it will keep you from receiving those late-night calls from the front desk asking you to be quiet for the neighbors’ sake.

Make and fly paper airplanes
Take a piece of fax paper from the folder on the hotel desk, or recycle a page of paperwork: fold it into whatever crazy airplane shape you want, then try to fly it all the way across the room. If you make a good one, it’ll reach the opposite wall. If it crashes at your feet, well, try again.