Yearly Archives: 2004

Games for the Road

I’ve written about passing the time in a hotel room and exercising without entering a gym. Here’s a combination of the two, but I think this merits its own category: Games for the Road. These aren’t all games in the traditional sense, but they do serve the purpose of keeping yourself entertained when you’re on (read more…)

Hilary questions conductor Bramwell Tovey

Q: Is chocolate a drug? A: I pretend no, but then must have another piece – it’s addictive. Whether that technically makes it a drug I’m not qualified to say. Q: Pets? A: My two small girls (3 and 5) lost their cat on Christmas Eve last year because of a careless driver rushing to (read more…)

Slow Practice for String Players

At a recent Q&A session with kids and their parents, someone piped up, “My son likes to play through his pieces instead of practicing them. His violin teacher says that he should practice slowly. What does this mean?” As anyone who has taken private lessons is probably aware, one practice technique encouraged by teachers is (read more…)