Yearly Archives: 2007

Stuttgart, Germany

Dear Readers, I’ve been thwarted! I went out around 2:30 for some lunch, and every restaurant had finished serving their lunch menu but was hours from starting dinner. I’d forgotten that about Europe, although it’s one of my biggest frustrations here, since my favorite time for lunch is between 3 and 4 pm. Oh, and (read more…)

London, England

Dear Readers, Here I am at Heathrow in London, somewhat peeved at the British security system. Also at the fact that gate numbers aren’t posted till shortly before boarding, making it compulsory to sit amidst waves of clashing perfume and shopping music, in a mall of overpriced items and common duty-free enticements, while waiting to (read more…)

Tucson, AZ

Dear Readers, Another relatively short entry, but this time because my stay in this city was short and I didn’t do much besides work. (Okay, I rearranged my hotel bedding again.) The entire Tucson/George Hanson/Sibelius engagement lasted one day. I arrived on Monday, after my day in Albuquerque interviewing Ralph (we talked for nearly three (read more…)

Indianapolis, IN

Dear Readers, Greetings from Indianapolis! I’m here to play the Sibelius concerto with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and conductor Larry Rachleff. It’s been a while since I wrote anything at all, even an email, so in this entry, I ask that you please excuse my scattered thoughts and abrupt sentence construction. I am hoping that (read more…)