Lyon, France

Dear Readers,

Today’s an official day off, but how administrative this life can be! I’ve spent the past couple of hours doing interviews for the upcoming European release of the Schoenberg/Sibelius album, and now I’m sitting at a desk in a hotel room overlooking the city of Lyon, putting off entering my intimidating inbox and finally addressing some of the 423 emails I have saved in the past six months. I also need to arrive at a recital program for next year’s tours and write some updates for this website. After that, once morning rolls around on the East Coast at home, I’ll be calling my managers to go over some unresolved travel, scheduling, and future-season-planning issues. Yes, even managers work on Saturday! – thanks to society’s current obsession with availability in the form of laptops, Blackberries, and cell phones. I think if I had a Blackberry, I’d never practice.

Speaking of practice, that’s just what I’m about to do, as a break and reward. I’d so much rather practice than do business-y things. In the past few years, practicing has become almost meditative for me; I have to concentrate, and I have to shut out everything around me, and afterwards, I feel calmer and refreshed.

My computer battery’s about to die! Time to sign off, plug in, and do some musical work before office duties take over.

Yours from Lyon,