Yearly Archives: 2008

Lyon, France

Dear Readers, Today’s an official day off, but how administrative this life can be! I’ve spent the past couple of hours doing interviews for the upcoming European release of the Schoenberg/Sibelius album, and now I’m sitting at a desk in a hotel room overlooking the city of Lyon, putting off entering my intimidating inbox and (read more…)

Lyon, France – during the wee hours of February 15, 2008

Dear Readers, I’m feeling rather prolific these days. I know I wrote less than twelve hours ago, but I’m already motivated to update. So much so that I’m still at the hall in Lyon; this can’t even wait till I return to my lodgings for the evening. I’m pretty sure I played the best recital (read more…)

Lyon, France

Dear Readers, Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m in Lyon, France, having played in London last night. My muscles are a little sore. Two nights ago, I went to sleep in Paris feeling pretty relaxed, but yesterday, after the adrenaline from the first recital had worn off, my left arm cramped up. To pace myself for tonight’s (read more…)

London, England

Dear Readers, Last night began our European recital tour. There were a few surprises: Me, after our unexpectedly A440 rehearsal the night before: “Will the piano be tuned to this pitch tomorrow, or to A442?” “This pitch.” “Really? Because I heard it was supposed to be A442…?” “Yes, exactly like this.” “Oh, ok.” I had (read more…)

Paris, France

Dear Readers, Washington yesterday, Paris today – and the same moon over the Baltimore harbor last night as over the Champs-Élysées tonight, a little thicker in the sliver this evening. Such is the geographical distortion of the life of a touring musician. I was a little reluctant to leave yesterday; I’d just finished running some (read more…)


Dear Readers, Welcome back, me! What is there to say? I’m not quite sure; I’m feeling dazed and very, very tired, but I’m on my way home for several good nights’ worth of sleep, so the slowness of my thoughts will be remedied soon enough. The past few months have been pretty stuffed with concerts (read more…)