Dallas, TX

Dear Readers,

Dallas is a city of buildings, museums, and parks. This week, I was out and about enough to get my first sun of the summer, which I had to cover up a little bit before walking onstage in my red strapless dress. Time to hit the sunscreen.

Artistically, this Dallas week was amazing. Jennifer Higdon’s violin concerto, which I recorded for release in the fall, won a Pulitzer Prize not too long ago, and these were the first concerts of that piece since then. Conductor Jaap van Zweden did a great job with it, as did the orchestra. It feels like the longer this concerto is alive, the quicker the musicians pick it up, although no orchestra knows it any better than the one before did. Maybe every piece has a certain ethereal presence that matures with age. At any rate, it was an invigorating set of performances to take part in.

The weather in Dallas was beautiful; this seems to be the pleasant-climates part of my concert season. I loved the constant snow a while back, but this is welcome too. Rain dumped on me only one day this week. Other than that, it was sun and warmth all the way.