Tokyo, Japan

Dear Readers,

Konbanwa! I’m on the train on my way from a concert in Nagoya back to Tokyo, where I depart this country tomorrow evening. As you can gather, this was the last concert of a tour. The tour, specifically, was with the Philharmonia Orchestra and Esa-Pekka Salonen, and we played the Tchaikovsky violin concerto, which was just pre-released in Japan along with the Higdon. (The official worldwide release comes this fall.)

I spent a day at the beginning of my trip doing interviews, and then the orchestra arrived and we had concerts in Hyogo (near Osaka), in three different venues in Tokyo, and in Nagoya. It is wonderful that Tokyo has so many halls and such an interested audience; there are hardly any other cities in the world in which a tour can continue without leaving town. These Japanese audiences were strong, and so many people came to the post-concert signings afterwards – hundreds and hundreds each night! I think my signature got a little sloppy by the end of tonight’s session. As the lights speed by outside the train window, I am both tired and exhilarated. Tired because this is the end of a busy tour; exhilarated because this is the end of a truly satisfying concert season and tomorrow I go somewhere far away, where there are lots of birds and insects and very few people, for my vacation.