Lanaudiere, Quebec

Dear Readers,

Happy August!

I am flying out of Montreal on my way from the Lanaudiere Festival in Quebec. It is an open-air amphitheater-style venue, very much like – for those of you in the Cleveland area (hello Encore students!) – the Blossom festival but smaller. There is a covered audience seating area and a lawn space beyond, stretching up a natural hill. The sound is as good at the very top of the hill as anywhere else in the venue. Remarkable acoustics!

I am sad to be parting ways with the orchestra and their conductor Paavo Jarvi, but I have some souvenirs: interviews for my YouTube channel with Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie principal cellist Tanja Tetzlaff, one of their three concertmasters Daniel Sepec, and Paavo. While I had my computer and semi-decent lighting arranged, I filmed my answers to some viewer questions as well: about avoiding neck and chin pain with the proper chinrest and shoulder rest setup, and about my next recording: Higdon and Tchaikovsky violin concertos, to be released in the States on September 21. I then tried to upload Tanja’s interview but YouTube didn’t like my computer and wouldn’t let me upload any video. My grasp of technology is a work in progress.

Off I go, now, to join forces with an industrial designer to create a more ergonomic chinrest. Long-suffering necks, jaws, and chins, rejoice!