Montreal, Canada

5 April 2012

Dear Readers,

This will be more like a letter than a postcard.

A while ago, I hit some photography roadblocks, and my down time was getting entirely consumed by new-record production, computer issues, general off-the-road busy-ness and tour prep, and other forms of communication (YouTube interviews, article authoring, and snail-mail postcard writing).

Recently, though, the photography and computer situations were resolved, and I’ve finally loaded a bunch of images from the past months onto my somewhat new computer. I look forward to sharing what I remember of their context, as well as the pictures themselves, in the next series of Postcards from the Road. I’ll go backwards and forwards a bit, but we’ll land in the present eventually.

A happy update, to keep this postcard current: Packing for travel is no longer distressing. I usually avoid unpacking once I arrive in a city; if I put something in a drawer, I am liable to forget it there. For some reason, I hadn’t realized that by taking things out of my suitcase, I was unpacking after all — into chaos. I admit that to live on the road, it is important to take things out of the suitcase to use them! What’s changed is that I now return things to the suitcase as soon as I’m finished using them. I’m packing in increments, without even noticing. If I’m ready to go at the drop of a hat and my belongings are organized, packing doesn’t hang over me all week. After the last concert in a city, I can unwind by watching a TV show or reading or making a phone call, as opposed to spending unneeded time preparing to leave. The result is that I don’t feel sad when it’s time to take off. It’s the same principle as keeping the house clean in case you want to have guests over. Take out the stressful part, and the interesting aspects can be fun again. Isn’t it funny that a little change of routine can make such a difference?

I have to thank my cousin for this little improvement. We were talking about cleaning house and she made a good point about the connection between an organized environment and an organized mind. Smart cookie!

After tonight’s concert, the final one of this visit, I had a nice late snack, worked, and watched a TV show online. And wrote what you are reading. How is this possible? My suitcases are sitting by the door, packed.