Age: 35
Training: First lesson one month before 4th birthday; participant in Suzuki program till age 5; studied with Klara Berkovich in Baltimore from age 5 to 10; studied with Jascha Brodsky at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia from age 10 to 17; coached with Jaime Laredo, Gary Graffman, and Felix Galimir till age 19. Continue to have occasional coachings and learn constantly from colleagues.
Education: Preschool ages 3-5; public elementary school ages 5-9; home-schooling in all subjects ages 9-12; home-schooling in high-school math ages 12-15; Curtis Institute of Music ages 10-19; Bachelor’s Degree (university) requirements at Curtis ages 12-16; extra elective studies at Curtis ages 16-19; received Bachelor’s Degree age 19. Summer studies: Encore School for Strings, Ohio, ages 11-14; Marlboro Music Festival, Vermont, ages 15-17 and 20; Middlebury College Language Schools (German, French, Japanese), Vermont, ages 18, 21, 22, and 24.
Studied at University Level: Literature (general), Shakespeare, 18th-century British Literature, Literature of War, Literature in Correspondence, Poetry Workshop, Fiction Workshop, Acting Workshop, History of Western Civilization, German, Germany After Reunification (in German), Modern German Literature (in German), French, Sociology of France (in French), Modern French Song (in French), Solfege, Music Theory, Music History, Counterpoint, Elements of Conducting (theoretical), Chamber Music (applied), Orchestra (applied), Violin (applied), Keyboard Harmony (applied), Piano (applied).
First Performance: Age 6, April 1986: A Friday Night Recital at the Peabody Prep, performing Handel “Chorus” from Judas Maccabeus, Brahms “Waltz”, and Gossec “Gavotte”, Moli Chiang, piano.
First Full Recital: Age 10, February 1990: Leakin Hall, Peabody Conservatory Handel Sonata #4; Vitali “Chaconne”; Bach “Siciliana” and “Presto” from Sonata #1; Gliere “Romance”; Vieuxtemps “Ballade and Polonaise”, Bach/Wilhemj “Air on the G-string”, and Wieniawski/Kreisler “Caprice in A”, Saryana Kostovetsky, piano.
First Concert with Orchestra: Age 11, May 1991: Haydn Concerto in C-major with Concerto Soloists of Philadelphia (chamber orchestra), Miguel Harth-Bedoya conducting.
First Major Orchestra Appearance: Age 12, December 1991: Third movement of Saint-Saëns Concerto #3 in B-minor with Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Chosei Komatsu conducting.
Total Concerts Played: 1,594
[Total Orchestral Concerts: 1040]
Total Recitals: 373
Cities Visited: 291
Countries Visited: 43
Continents Visited: 5
Conductors Worked With: 202
Hotel Rooms: At least 896
Post-Concert Meet & Greets (approximate): 780 hours