Welcome to my postcards project! I started this series fifteen years (half of my life) ago, as a snail mail project with a class of third-graders. Here, on my site, you don't need to wait for the postman, and the photos are my own.

Pittsburgh, PA

Dear Readers, Ah, the things people do in airports. This man went where he shouldn’t have during a layover, and I just happened to have my camera on and pointing in his direction! Now that my island hopping is over for the time being, I am back in the States for some work on home (read more…)

Reykjavik, Iceland

Dear Readers, Greetings from Reykjavik! I am, as this city would indicate, in Iceland! This is my first trip here, and I seem to have arrived in an in-between season: not right for Northern Lights, dogsledding, trips into the interior of the country, etc., but there is still so much to experience, and I am (read more…)

Stuttgart, Germany

Dear Readers, This has been a week of steps forward in my professional life. I performed the Menotti concerto for the first time, here in Stuttgart, and it has entered my set of current-favorite pieces to play. I am very excited about the concerto: it is pretty and dramatic and lyrical, and fits the violin (read more…)

Belgrade, Serbia

Dear Readers, Greetings from Belgrade, as I leave it, and here endeth my European tour with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and conductor Stephane Deneve. There is snow everywhere I look, as I pass through a national park outside the city. This has been a very busy, enjoyable tour. Now I am heading to yet (read more…)

Vienna, Austria

Dear Readers, So, this is my postcard from Vienna. Where it is – you guessed it – snowing! Last night I played Prokofiev’s 1st violin concerto, and now I am on my way to Belgrade. I forgot to mention in my Paris postcard that on this tour, I am wearing a dress I bought in (read more…)

Munich, Germany

Dear Readers, I’m again in transit, on my way out of Munich. Last night we played at the Gasteig, the Philharmonic hall where I made my German debut half my life ago. When I woke up this morning, there was a thin layer of snow on the ground, and traffic was inching along. A driver (read more…)

Paris, France

Dear Readers, Greetings from Paris! Tiny flakes of snow are falling outside my window. Last night I played the Sibelius concerto at the Theatre des Champs-Elysées. Having endured an encounter with some sort of stomach flu, I gave the concert my best shot. There’s nothing like the combination of adrenaline and a fever to rev (read more…)

Mystery – Glasgow, UK

Dear Readers, As some of you may know, I have had my own YouTube channel for over a year now. At times, I mediate little games and hold question-and-answer sessions there. I’ve also been interviewing (through my computer’s built-in camera) a fair number of my colleagues and composers, and you can find those interactions on (read more…)

Paris, France

Dear Readers, Welcome to 2010 and to the new decade! When I began this particular writing project in my mid-teens, it consisted of snail-mail postcards sent from every city I visited for nearly an entire school year; the class of third graders in upstate New York that received the postcards would then learn about every (read more…)